• Structured Cabling System

Provision and set up of copper and fiber cables for ICT networks converging voice, data, video into a single management system

  • Electrical System

Provision and installation of electrical wiring for light fixtures, convenience outlets, UPS and PACU

  • Security & Surveillance System

Provision and set up of CCTV cameras for surveillance and monitoring of building premises

  • Voice Evacuation System, Public Address & Background Music

Provision and set up of audio amplifiers and speakers for voice announcements, background music in the building premises, effectively transmitting your audio communications to the public

  • Parking Management System

Provision of electronic monitoring and management of parking facilities

  • Fiber To The Premises (FTTP)

Provision and set up of passive fiber optic cabling components, for faster connection speeds and carrying capacity

  • Master Antenna TeleVision / Community (Cable) Antenna TeleVision (MATV/CATV)

Provision and set up of coaxial cables for Master Antenna and Cable TV systems, connecting the head-end systems within a property

  • Access Control System

Provision and set up of security access devices (card reader, biometrics, facial recognition) helping reduce costs of managing geo-diverse remote sites and securing revenue-generating equipment and premises

  • Fire Detection Alarm System

Provision and set up of fire detectors (heat and smoke); audio and visual alarms for warning of an imminent fire in the building premises

  • Equipment Racks & Containment

Provision and set up of equipment racks (open bay and closed type) and cable containment system enabling a reliable airflow for consistent temperature of IT equipment at any point inside the equipment racks

  • Data Center Solution

Provision and set up of the physical infrastructure that powers the data center life cycle – centralizing an organization’s IT operations and equipment, as well as storing, managing, and disseminating data

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